Caught in The Act

I had a pretty good laugh today.  I put two and a half kelpies (BJ, Mic and Muster) outside of the house this afternoon and returned myself to the indoors.  A few minutes later a neighbour stopped by to see how things were going and upon coming into the house made a comment about dogs penning sheep.   Somewhat confused I popped outdoors.  The three dogs had retrieved sheep, which I didn't know were grazing so nearby, and nearly penned them in the attached garage, which I guess is as close to me as they could get them.  I figure it was Coyote Mic, the half Kelpie, who instigated this little venture.

I put sheep back to the field, collected dogs and returned to the house feeling rather sheepish and trying to come up with a way to assure the neighbour that I had everything under control.  But then I decided it does no good to tell lies.

That's kinda how things are going here.  Regular chores, a few mishaps, and some good laughs.  With shearing days, supper invites and going to fundraiser events Bill and Janice lined up previously, I'm beginning to feel more and more like a local.

The last two days have been remarkably windy and when Mother N calmed her winds this evening it was downright warm and blissful.  I sat on the deck of this beautiful Montana log home I'm staying in, looking at mountains, watching the sun go down and thinking of how out of control life needs to be.