A Visit With Annabel

Annabel and Adam operate Double A Ranch, a tidy place near Fromberg, MT., about on hour and a half from where I am staying. 

Annabel and I have a deep appreciation of sheep, dogs and land in common, plus she has encouraged me and supported my Crooked Fences newsletter almost since I started writing it.  It was a treat to connect and visit with her and meet the lovely Targhee and Romney sheep and the dogs.  

This is the gorgeous and confident livestock guardian dog at Double A Ranch.  Kit is an admirable dog who seems very sure of herself and her job.  She is very business like and so, so lovely.  

The Romney sheep... my first meet and greet with this breed.  They are such compact and stout animals and I have a soft spot for colored sheep in a flock. 

Annabel's appreciation of healthy and sound animals and the fibre they produce rings strong.  

These girls were so relaxed as we walked and talked our way across the pasture.

Kit once again.  Perhaps telling me enough with the photos already.  You can follow Annabel and the Double A Ranch crew on Facebook.   Double A Ranch FB Page

The cats meow of this visit - Annabel invites me to go through her wool stash and gifts me with a treasure trove of wool for my felting artwork.  The assortment of wool types, bulk wool, tops and rovings, some natural and some dyed filled the trunk of my car!  Her generosity astounded me.  I peeked in the trunk of the car again this morning just to take it all in once more.  I can't wait to dive into this and create with it. 

On the way back to Burradoo Ranch I passed by this worrisome scene.  Fires are a concern in this part of the state where regular moisture is often lacking.  While this fire is burning many miles away from Burradoo, suddenly I wanted to get home to check on animals and assure myself all was well. 


  1. Kit is a beautiful dog, so are the sheep! Thanks for the pictures. The fiber will be so fun. Hope they get that fire under control soon!!

  2. Beautiful photos Arlette. Thanks for visiting. Lets do it again soon.

  3. There are a couple fires in the area, I believe this one is now under control.

  4. You are welcome Annabel. It would be good to visit again. I'll make a note of it.


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