Winter Shelter

The ewes are located on a paddock they wintered on a couple years ago and are taking shelter in a low spot completely ringed by trees. 

This year we could not bed them in the center clearing right away because it is a sheet of ice and there was little snow cover.  The ewes would travel into the clearing but hugged the edges, not wanting to step onto the ice.  So we started feeding around the outside of the bush ring, keeping them out of the wind.

We only feed at the shelter when bedding is needed or when the weather is nasty, most often we feed on the hillsides on clean ground each day.  The winds have been blowing from every direction this year.  One day they are North, North West and the next they are South winds and then they blow from East, and so we have utilized every side of that bush and are very grateful for it.  Large bush shelters are a dream when keeping livestock on pasture during the winter months.

Same spot, photo taken early 2013
Finally there is enough snow cover that we braved putting hay feed in the center clearing.  The ewes ventured right in.  It’s such a nice spot for them and with a few days worth of feeding, there is now a good layer of bedding under their feet.

While the guardian dogs were eating supper I watched the ewes travel from the hay feed on the open hillside to the bedding ground in the ring of trees.  Watched the wooly bodies slip through the trees and fill the clearing.  They were heading in a little early tonight, perhaps sensing the ugly weather that is coming our way.


  1. That's a great clump of trees. I love that they can access all sides depending on what they need.


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