Well That Was Good

I did four hours of traveling and had 45 minutes in the spotlight today doing a presentation on winter feeding with sheep.  What the presentation boiled down to was what we do here at Dog Tale Ranch and how we manage with our flock though the winter.  The winter feeding topic on its own is not my most passionate subject, but nonetheless it feels as though my real passion for sheep, land and a few good dogs brought me through in good form, and that feels really, really good. 

I took off very early this morning to get to where I needed to be.  I put out more feed for the ewes last night, before dark, so that I didn’t have to do feeding chores this morning.  I headed out to pasture earlier than usual this evening as I was eager to go out and see them and say a soft thank you.  They hardly lifted their heads.   The guardians greeted me in earnest and were eager for supper.

When I’m out and about at public events (something that only happens sporadically) I’m not thinking about the blog or that I write one.  So when individuals approach me to tell me they read the blog I have a moments hesitation before it all catches up to me.  Oh, yes, The Blog, that I, me, - insert small moment of intense shyness here - write.  When persons approach to say they follow something that you do it means a great deal.  It has large impact.  Thank you for doing that today Laura.  And thanks to The Crazy Sheep Lady, who dropped me a note recently which made my day since I’ve been a fan of her blog, Punkin's Patch, for a two or three years. 

Thank you to everyone who stops by to read, and make comments, and who support events by showing up and who take a moment to encourage another, even if they don’t know they’re doing it. 


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