Solo Photo(s) Coyote Mic

I mentioned the young Coyote Mic in the last post and know I haven't shared much about her, so here she is (and no she's not any part coyote, it's her nic-name only).  There are several photos of facial expressions, this one gave me such a chuckle.

In the next photo she is readying herself to climb the walls, quite literally.   She's an obsessive one and physical exercise isn't always enough for this youngster.  She needs far more stock work than she gets in the cold winter months.  She fixates on spots of lights - the one she's interested in happens to be a glint of reflection from the camera. 


  1. She is a doll!!

    Linda ❤⊱彡

  2. I especially like the second photo of her. She's got that inquisitive twinkle in her eye :-)

  3. She is an inquisitive little one. She's been a treat and a hassle at the same time. Love her to bits.


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