Small Photo Mission

Zeus is a laid back dog and I know he gets along with every other dog here.   I would love for Zeus to be on duty with the main flock, however Zeus is very attached to his band of sheep.  His band of sheep happens to be whoever is not with the main flock and I’d love to know how he decided these were his sheep because this band of sheep changes.  So he doesn’t have the same individuals all the time.   His band of sheep will also move around on the property so he’s not attached to the location they are in.  That doesn’t seem to matter to him, so long as he is with the sheep that are not with the flock.   Maybe he worries they are not protected.   Or maybe he has a limit to the number of sheep!

I can’t decipher why he won’t stay with the main flock.  I used to think it was because of Diesel, yet Diesel and Zeus work fine together as a pair.   But maybe in some way it is because of Diesel, because I think the dynamics change when the dogs are in a pack versus a pair. 

What got me wishing for Zeus to be out with the main flock again was Whiskey.  Whiskey traveled to the barn paddock one day this week.  I just let him be to see if he would take himself back to the flock and he did.  The dogs with the main flock have to travel up to the yard to access the water bowl and I think Whiskey just stopped for a day visit while he was up for water.  Anyway, the sight of those two dogs side by side in the winter sunlight, caused me to pause and soak them in.  Since Zeus won’t stay with the main flock he and Whiskey are rarely together.  I didn’t realize what a matched pair they are.  A stunning pair of tall, well boned, liquid whiskey colored dogs.  I had no camera along, due to the cold, and Whiskey returned to the fold.   It is now a small mission to get a photo of the two of them together.

Zeus (l) has light amber eyes and Whisk's (r) are dark pools