Re-sorting Rams

Jayde was very pleased to do some work
We had a soft and warmer winter day last Thursday and brought the flock home to the yard and sorted out the rams.  I put a few stock dogs to work to help move animals up for sorting and to say the dogs and I are rusty is an understatement.  Yikes.  Nonetheless, I do like taking a couple months off from stock dog work.  We’ll all be eager to start back up in earnest again come warmer weather.  

At the end of the sort, the cull ewes were marked (they’ll stay on as training sheep for the summer) and went back out with the flock.  The rams re-joined the half dozen wethers at the barn paddock.  These will be our two groups until shearing time in April. 

Today Gibson and I did a small piece of work gathering and sorting the rams from the wethers because someone was coming to look at them.  Two of the rams were sold, heading home with an individual who is looking for animals raised in this natural manner.  They will service his tidy flock of ewes and all the sheep together will provide fertilizer for his organic fields.  I’m never really settled with selling animals but we need to rotate our rams this upcoming year and if two of them go off to help someone else build their grass based flock I’m okay with that.