On The Other Side of The Storm

Although they were a little early in doing so the ewes were on the right track in seeking shelter.  A hefty winter storm blew in late the next morning.  The morning dawned cold and windy but the girls got fed at first light so they had a chance to get a belly full to wait out the storm. 

The stock dogs and I got caught in the first bit of blowing snow while on our walk.   The rest of the day we were holed up inside.  I ventured out to check the girls again before dark but there wasn’t much more to do for them, they were settled in out of the wind (smart sheep) and disturbing them only disrupts that.  Much of the bedding was now covered in snow but there is no keeping up with that in some storms and this one was still going strong.  We’d have to dig out and start over again the next day, and we did just that this morning.

I just love how this girl is tucked up and covered with her fleece throw.  :-)
The next couple days are full ones.  The Western Canadian Holistic Management Conference is being held in Watrous and I’m involved in helping out and speaking on the producer panel.  I don't have a clear picture of what that entails so I'm going in a little blind on this one.  I'm sure I'll be in good company though.