On The Easel

I’m embarrassed to say how long this piece has been on (and off) the easel.  I recently dove into it again and feel that it is finally starting to take shape.   The detail is tough with a large scenery piece, and while I work on it I think this may be better served being done in a looser style without focusing on detail.  But I’m well into it now. 

Looking at photos of the art part way through the process always causes me to see the picture anew.  Like now I can see that the trail in the snow needs to continue to the east and finish.  And the sky, the sky still needs something ?? 

The colors are pretty close although I think it's showing up a tad darker on the computer. 

I’ve got the title for this one already - 'Three Good Dogs'
You may have to biggify the photo to see them on the computer.