I Think She Gets It

The Holistic Management conference was a public immersion into all things I like about our way of life.  It was like a re-awakening and the company was indeed good. 

I did go in blind on the producer panel and kicked myself afterward.  I thought the producer panel was designed to be a Q & A; a chance for the audience to ask questions of us.  Turns out it was a presentation by each of us, with a few minutes left over at the end for a few questions.  That’s a great thing too, I just wasn’t prepared for that format.

Quickly gathering my wits I came up with something more to say. Without knowing why I did it, I skipped the details about how and what, and touched on who and why.  That we started out in the rough and came through, that I’m fascinated by land and human potential and how the two connect and build the other up as long as there is awareness and respect for the connection.  I told them I love coyotes. 

Then I sat down, and I thought, “wow that was short and sweet and kind of odd, I hardly mentioned sheep.” 

But here’s the thing and it’s pretty big.     

The audience wanted to know more, they had questions for me.  Unfortunately they weren’t given much time to ask them.  All afternoon the continuing feedback from telling that little bit of a story, told me something far bigger.  I kick myself for playing small and thinking we’re just a small story so there isn’t much to say.  We do have a story (every one of us) and it’s no small one, and people are interested in it and how it gets told.  That’s no small thing. 

Perhaps the lesson is that it’s not necessary to fill every minute with details and spew them back out, but that we BE wherever we find ourselves for as many minutes as we can do so.  There is truth in that and people always recognize it.  Animals live this way, the sheep and the dogs on our place - they live this way. 

I think this girl might get what I’m saying, and maybe it's finally sinking in for me too. 


  1. Oh yes she does certainly 'Get It' I do not know when I have seen such a thought provoking picture,I really love it.Would love to see it every morning when I wake up,and last thing at night...Not sure if you received my rather long 'reply' a week or so ago.Wonder how the skin problem is,did you try Colloidal Silver? Carole in very snowy NS

    1. Carole, as it turns out we were just at the vets today. Not sure yet of underlying cause but she's running a skin infection now so we'll treat for that and for the seborrhea. She's lost a lot of weight and is dehydrated, so there's some concern about that. First aim is to get her back normal health wise.

  2. Amen. I'd love to hear the story you told.


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