An Art Show? Really?

Lily’s concern over me and the possibility of being caught and hauled off to what was surely her idea of a small nightmare, was gone the next day.   She greeted me with some enthusiasm and wanted breakfast.  Her muzzle is a little swollen but nothing major.  Diesel is no worse off either although our trust with each other will probably be a bit fatigued for awhile.

It has turned cold, returning to more normal mid-winter weather.  The ewes ceased wandering and have hunkered down near the shelter again.  When I don’t have to be outdoors I’m hunkered down indoors.  Except for Coyote Mic, the stock dogs have been doing a fair bit of this.  Coyote Mic is young and still in near perpetual motion.

On the art front, some of my felted art has gone off to an exhibit.  While I have been drawing and creating for a few years I have yet to put myself out there as an artist.  Other than create it I don't do much after that.  I have no website and I’m not set up to sell anything.  It was only a short while ago that I was able to write ‘I am an artist’ on the about me page and not delete the sentence.  So when I received the invitation to place artwork in this show I was a bit taken aback and nervous about it.  I mean it feels so official.

The show was put together by fibre artist Monika Kinner-Whalen (she keeps the My Sweet Prairie blog).  The show is titled Our Prairie In Fibre and is on display in Saskatoon, at the Affinity Gallery on Broadway Avenue and they now have all the pieces posted online as well.  It’s all woman artists and is a reflection of each artists connection to our prairie. 

Our Prairie In Fibre online:

My two pieces are on the second page and I’m sure once you arrive there you’ll know which ones they are.  There is artwork in this show created by artists from near and afar and whom I admire deeply but never, ever thought that our art might hang in the same show.  Feels a bit surreal and I think because the gallery is away from me ‘in the big city’ it doesn’t quite feel real.