A Lady In The House

Last night we brought Lady to the house for her second bath and she stayed in the house with us overnight again.  There is something peculiar and absorbing about the guardian dogs when they wind up in the house.   I took about a dozen photos of her just looking around and being curious.

We know the livestock guardian dogs as they are outside, and the outside is what these dogs know.  When they land in the house it’s like the outside dog we knew alters for the inside and we’re seeing them afresh.  It’s like watching a new dog, checking out the new digs for the first time, except the dog isn’t new, it’s one you know well.

Lady is curious about the surroundings this time, she ignores the stock dogs, and after brief curious sniff from them they ignore her too.  She gawks around and occasionally she ventures a few steps into the living room.  She stands for a long time before finally deciding the place is safe enough to lie down.  She stays near the front door, knowing full well it’s the way out. 

She headed back out this morning, wearing one of my farm bunny hugs to help keep her warm.  We do not reject keeping her in the house, however she refuses to eat or drink while she’s up here and she really, really needs to do both of those things right now.  So we toggle back and forth between the house when she has to have a bath and at the building with some sheep otherwise.  This way Lady is with sheep, (although she knows this is not her flock) and will eat something and drink from the livestock water bowl during the day.   It's a meet in the middle approach.

On another note, I made a bit of a spontaneous decision and am heading off to Montana, USA this week.  I was planning a trip in March but have decided to go a little earlier and stay a little longer.  I may miss a couple blog posts but will do my best to get back on line when I can.


  1. Lady looks like she is a sweetie ~ those eyes. Safe travels to Montana!

  2. Thanks Lannie. I have arrived and am enjoying the beauty here immensely.


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