On the Easel - Wool Art in Progress

This is one of the pieces of artwork I’m in the midst of.  Right now it’s hanging on a curtain rod across the front of the closet in my art room. It’s a large piece and this is the only way I can get a good look at it.  

I’m in love with this one.  I’m even in love with the photo of it and that’s a rare thing.  Part of why I like it so much is that about half way through it was really looking poor. 

I see sheep and dogs on a daily basis and I take plenty of photos in the hopes of sharing a story about them.  Some scenes that I capture in photographs I know instantly I’ll paint them with wool rather than draw them in pencil.  There is something very raw and real about re-creating particular scenes with wool.

So when this particular piece looked hopeless part way through I recalled how I felt about it when I decided it had to be needle felted with wool, and I pressed on.  And on, and on.  Finally I hung it up, and the simple realness of it nearly took my breath away.  I wasn’t expecting it to look so warm and tangible.  It's even more so that way in real life.

Watcher in the Wool
It’s still hanging up and I have a few areas that I have to adjust, plus I have to decide on how to finish the edges and how it will hang.  Then it will be offered up for sale.  It measures about 2.5 feet wide by 4 feet tall.  It’s 100% wool, needle felted by hand onto a canvas of re-purposed 100% wool material.  The base layer of wool I put down first is from my own ewes.  The rest is purchased wool. 
It's one of a kind.