Downright Frigid

Extreme cold unsettles me, I fret a lot about the animals and feel like I can’t do enough but yet I don’t know what else to do; I’m unsettled because suddenly things seem way out of my control.  It makes me feel guilty for crawling into a warm bed at night, and for having the stock dogs in the house but not the guardians.

I was outside for an hour and and half this morning which was enough time to see me through feeding the main flock. Then I had to come back indoors and thaw out my feet before going back out to take a bale out for the sheep around back.  

I was equally anxious and nervous when I headed out for the evening check.   I felt great relief to stand where I fed the ewes this morning and where they’ll bed for the night and only feel the slightest of wind.  It didn’t feel so cold right there, right then.  They are in a good spot.  They are bunched up very tight tonight. So tight that I couldn’t be sure all the sheep were there; it just didn’t look like there was enough animals in that group.  PJ, the llama, was right in their midst.  In cold weather she always settles herself in the middle of the flock.  Smart girl.

We have another cold day tomorrow and then hopefully some relief. After this minus twenty will feel balmy.