A Gem Un-Named

Each year we have yearlings in the flock with unique face marking, I’m guessing it’s the black faced Clun Forest influence in our ewes.  We see black faces, white with black faces, brockle faces, white faces with black ears. 

This year we have this gem.  She is easy to spot within the flock.  She has a black belly and a beautiful black rear end, and the black stripe running down her chest to her belly make it look as though she’s wearing a fleece coat.  She looks like she’s a bit of a fashion diva.

I look for her often.  She’s a spry youngster and she’s very aloof.  Her mom is a light footed black faced Clun ewe that never lets us get close to her lambs.  That suspicious trait rubbed off on this girl and I seldom get close to her.  She seems to have spidy senses that tell her I’m near and off she goes. 

I took her photo this summer because I didn’t think her black coloring would stay with her.   http://ranching-with-sheep.blogspot.ca/2014/10/stay-or-go.html  I need to give her a name but the right one has not come to me yet.  

I don’t know what to make of her markings but I’m pleased she is a member of our flock. 


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    1. Perhaps the ewes overheard how much I love those colored sheep down in Kentucky...

  2. She's beautiful, very unusual markings.

    1. Aren't they though. Has me puzzled about how they came about.

  3. Have thought of all sorts of names for the wonderfully marked, elegant diva,,'Liquorice Allsorts'the one with coconut in the middle,sort of looks fleecy,and the black...( not sure how you come up with name from that,) Love the black stockings with her neat little high heeled shoes,just perfect.I so enjoy all you do,as I said a while ago,I do hope you write a book and publish,of course illustrated by you,will be a 'best seller' I know... All the best Carole in Nova Scotia

  4. I have just realized the Coconut is around the liquroice ..long time since I ate candy...

  5. I did think of calling her Diva. Then after publishing the post, the simple name of Gem, popped into my mind. Seeing her makes me smile, even if she doesn't want me too near.


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