Re-Post Interrupted

In this rural location the wind interrupts our internet connection and the last two days have been terribly windy, resulting in no internet access since yesterday morning til late this afternoon.  I did intend to post on schedule but could not.

Since we have arrived at New Year's once again, I thought re-posting this seemed fitting.  I first shared it in my Crooked Fences Newsletter.  (If you're in to this blog you'll enjoy the newsletter as well).

Here's the post:
"This is the time of year when I can almost forget I have sheep.  I mean aside from doing morning and evening chores every day there is little else taking place that involves the flock.  During Spring, Summer and Fall my days are regularly consumed with being outside, attempting to accomplish the never ending volley of tasks that crop up on a farm.  But the winter presents a chunk of time without hurry.  Time to cozy up, be at peace with dark winter evenings and make some dreams for next year.

The land is frozen and a tad barren looking.  A recent warmer day has created an icy shine across the landscape.  The monochrome grey-blue skies and grey-white snow, is occasionally interrupted by patches of long dead, orange-brown grass.  There is a unpretentious beauty about the place.  Even at this time of the year, land and livestock are intrinsically linked and I am glad I have planted myself at their intersection.

I am grateful to stand on a piece of land and know it breathes a life of its own.  I have a sense there is a meaning behind the madness and perhaps I am directing its course more than I think because I know now that being out of control is also being perfectly in control.

I witness how land and animal belong to the real nature of each other and I am satisfied to know that I can go with that flow, adding my own colorful nature to the mix.  This is what it means to exist amidst land and animal.  It is an accomplished place to be.  It is a compelling place to dream. "