Gone For A Winter Stroll

It might have been better to have left well enough alone.  It might have been better to let the ewes decide when they were done feeding on the milk vetch.

Instead we led the ewes off the milk vetch pasture and into the millet field, hoping they would pick at the remaining millet while the snow cover is light and they can find it.
We led them there with a bale of hay, spread out the feed and parked the ewes right on top of it. We didn’t think they’d leave the hay feed or the millet field.

That evening I was in the midst of a rare, once in lifetime, baking spree so Allen graciously headed out to do the rounds.  Allen enjoys the sheep when all is well but not so much otherwise.  The ewes were nowhere near where we fed them that morning and the simple evening check suddenly expanded into much more.  The ewes, with their dutiful guardian dog companions, had to be collected from a mile further to the West, and they weren’t looking to settle and bed down any time soon. Allen brought them toward home, heading for a back gate, and instead the ewes turned a corner into the North West pasture, still moving in earnest. With the arrival of darkness he finally left them on a hillside and hoped for the best.

They were still there this morning - and we left them in the North West pasture to graze today and probably tomorrow too. Tomorrow night they’ll be brought in to bed in the small paddock near the building. Thursday morning we sort groups for breeding.  From there, maybe we’ll send them back to the milk vetch pasture.