Christmas Calm

I was hoping to post some brilliant writing tonight and I waited all day for it to happen, but after a couple days of Christmas affairs it just isn’t happening.

My Christmas holidays used to be as complicated as everyone else’s still seem to be but these last few years the holidays have been immensely calm.   All the time spent in the company of sheep and dogs offers me a great sense of serenity that is finally able to percolate into other aspects of life.  The last few days were full of expected company, expected roles, plus unexpected conversations and unexpected understanding.  It was a good few days.  

We started feeding hay to the sheep on a daily basis on Christmas day.  They don’t head out to graze as often and I expect they’ll stop doing so completely very soon and since they have taken to crossing fences again lately that will be okay with me.  The guardian dogs are all faring well although Lady still looks unkempt.  For a month or so I have been adding raw meat, trim and scraps to their diet.  I recently discovered the wonders of my crock pot for making meat/bone broths and hot mashes of rice, oats and scraps.  The dogs have been gobbling it up. 

We did not travel for Christmas and did not step outside of our usual routine so it’s really been life per usual with extra visiting thrown into the mix.  Allen has a long seven day stretch of work now and I’ll spend the time taking care of animals, finishing up the chocolates and continuing with artwork. Not a bad way to wrap up a year.  Not bad at all.