Wintery Blast

There is snow cover on the ground and temperatures have taken a dip well into the minus side of the thermometer.  It always takes me a few days to get my winter legs solidly underneath me and I wonder if it is the same for the animals.

I repeatedly tell myself it does no good, but I worry steadily through the first few cold days of every winter. Is every one alright, have I forgotten about anyone? Are they cold? Should I make them come inside?

I think of the dogs a lot and this year I worry the most for Lady. She is not an easy keeper of a dog, she eats when she wants; not at every meal. She’s never been a real fit dog but especially so since she underwent surgery a couple years ago to remove her uterus after a difficult pregnancy and whelping. She’s always been border line healthy. Nothing that we can pinpoint as being wrong, but never looking well enough to make me feel at ease with how she’s doing. At the start of every winter I wonder how she’s going to fare. The one plus for Lady is that she loves sheep and the ewes are at ease with her. She always has a warm place nestled right with the ewes.

Today was not a day to be toting the camera. This photo was taken about mid October.