What About Wool This November?

Winter has definitely set in here this week and while there are few things that cause me to cringe about going outdoors for my work day, windy wintery days like today are one of them.  Tonight the ewes settled on the sheltered side of a large bush area and are tucked close to one another, the dogs nestled right in amongst them. The rams have access to the building and were quick to settle there tonight.

On days such as these, after chores are taken care of, it isn’t difficult for me to decide to stay indoors.

Fibre lovers have dubbed November as the month to celebrate wool and thinking about wool starts me thinking about felting projects. There are a thousand and one things to make with wool and all of them are so naturally unique just because of the way wool is. My list of what to create is plenty long enough. Being a drawing artist and a sheep rancher there are certain scenes I come across that just call out to be made with wool. I think this next project is one of those so I’m keen to start it and to see it through to the end. 

Sketching on my wool canvas

Roughly starting to lay wool down to help keep my place
While I’m feeling keen about getting a project done by the end of Wovember (that's a deliberate typo, the month is really nicknamed that), the month is interrupted by a week of sheep industry meetings next week. My normal day is largely unstructured, but yet fixed to a physical chore routine set by the animals. A day of travel and four days of meetings is very foreign to me. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sit still for that long.

Nonetheless, time away from routine every now and then always does me good, so there is that to be had in the upcoming week. Yet somehow, I’m already looking forward to coming home.