Seasonal Chores

The ground is frozen, the winter weather has put a halt to our fencing project for the year. Typically it will be late April or May before the snow is gone and the ground thaws again, so we have a lengthy reprieve from pounding posts and rolling wire. We feel good about having accomplished a nice bit of fencing; in several cases it was a hard slog to negotiate going through water or all the way around it.

Water crossing with woven wire fence
We hauled the last of our hay feed home this week; the ending of another lengthy seasonal chore, and one that always leaves us feeling very satisfied.

One of my rams is ill, not getting better but not getting worse either. He’s a prime fellow, very handsome with a dark face and legs, and is one of my favourites in all the good ways a breeding ram needs to be for our purposes. I’m giving him antibiotics and feeding him some barley chop and oats, for added energy in the cold. I’ve never, ever offered grain to any of my sheep before. I feel a little bit like I’m committing a petty crime. I sure hope he stays with me because I like him a lot and because he’s needed in order to cover all the ewes at breeding time. If I lose a ram, the others will have to make up the difference, which will stretch them, or I’ll need to shop for another ram.

I can’t be certain but I think the ill ram is the fellow on the right side in this summertime head butting contest. I seldom take photos of the rams, an oversight I’ll need to remedy.