Regular Days

The sheep have become as familiar to place and routine as we have. They know where they are, they know trails and gates and where not to go.  A few days of night penning and taking them out in the morning with the stock dogs and the ewes began initiated the routine themselves. Particularly in the morning when they want to go out. All I need to do is open the gate. They still need a bit of encouragement to come home at night but then travel there willingly.

Pausing for a rub on the fence post

I love watching them in the morning, they rise, they stretch, they look around, some of them pick fights with their sleep mates, but not necessary in that order. Again in the evening when they come in they are interesting to watch. Some jostle at the mineral tub, some get comfy as soon as they come in, trying to find the best position to rest with a full belly. Lambs who are still with their moms try for another drink.  Some ewes find themselves next to an enemy and begin bullying each other, sorting themselves out.

Heading out    

In all these small ways the days are made regular, and conversely, in all these same small ways the days are made remarkable.