Re Entry

No matter how glad I am to get home, re entry always seems to bring a brief period of internal agitation. 

Thankfully there was the hour long car ride from airport to home that provided the opportunity for me to spill the contents of a week of meetings at which I was a new player both in experience and knowledge. Allen did not have much choice but to listen as I rambled the week off to him.

I came home last night but I wasn’t finished with the week yet. My sleep was restless and full of kelpies and border collies who apparently missed me while I was away. Such genial creatures.

Diesel was the first guardian dog I saw this morning. He trotted purposefully toward the fence and in one fell swoop I was back. Back to who I am and what I do, automatically slipping into a deeper sense of self importance that has nothing to do with airports, bureaucracies and personal politics.

I enjoyed time outside in weather that only a week ago would’ve had me complaining a wee bit.  It was windy, raining and snowing, yet I stretched the time I spent outdoors, just feeling refreshed to be out of doors.

While I was greeted by each of the guardian dogs in their individual manner of greeting, the ewes, being entirely and beautifully sheepish, simply went about their business. They are still grazing, that means we are not bringing hay feed to them yet, and thus there is no sufficient importance behind our comings and goings on the pasture - unless we set a stock dog on the ground.  I watched the ewes as they traveled, seeing and appreciating them all over again. After quite some time I returned to the yard, collected the stock dogs and headed out for a long walk, purposefully detouring as we went. It is pleasing to be home.