Where We Go While We're Getting There

What a beautiful day, in deeper ways than warm sun and light breezes in October. It was a much, much needed day of simplicity which brought to light all the places I’ve been while I’m getting there.

My good friend Jill came out to work dogs today and we each had a smooth and lovely go of it with our dogs, during that time we also had a deep and lovely conversation. The kind of conversation that cracks you open a little bit. The kind of conversation I was searching for without knowing I was in need of it. It contained lots of bits about dogs, snippets about ego, and learning to accept what is in front of us because we are where we are.

Afterwards I just couldn’t bring myself to face another afternoon of working on fencing on my lonesome, yet the day was so gorgeous I needed to be outside. I headed back out to work my young dog, Mic, for a spell, then I set about making a simple bird bath from stone I have been collecting. Whenever I’m out and about on the pasture and come across a stone I like, either because it’s flat, or it’s coloured, or stands strong, whatever the reason, I pick it up and bring it home. Eventually I make use of them.

I’m so pleased with it and working with the stone, without worry of the final product, was the most fluid way to carry the morning forward and further sooth my fretful mind.

The stone dish at the top is too flat to make a deep bath for the birds and with winter coming up it might serve better if it held bird feed instead. I hope the birds like it. It reminds me of how remarkable it is to live in a place that serves up such simple and natural materials in abundance.

Re-reading this post I am reminded of another time I set about a simple task with stone: A Task of Elemental Basics