LGD's and Night Penning

I’m night penning the flock in the small paddocks near the yard where I often work the stock dogs. With several hundred sheep bedding down here, these spaces are getting well fertilized. A simple example of the sheep working for us.

The guardian dogs are in one place come morning and evening and it’s a simple matter to walk out and feed them.

Oakley has returned to duty and the worry about him not wanting to go back to work after a month up at the house with us was not needed. He seems happy to be back at work and hasn’t once thought to come back to the yard with us. He has to re-grow new skin on his hind leg so he’s still healing but it all looks good and feels as though there isn’t much more for us to do now except let him finish healing.

Meanwhile the odd couple, Zeus and Diesel, are still together and staying with the rams. It feels like we’re under working a great dog since Diesel has tremendous potential for handling a good deal of work against predators and the small band of sheep he’s with hardly seems like enough for him. For now, I won’t try rocking the boat though. The two packs feel stable and all is well.