Sunrise Walks in The Fall

Stepping out; my view from the deck

Rain or shine, wind or calm, fog or clear, I take a morning walk with my dogs. It's a healthy taste of the prairie first thing in the morning. It's opportunity to connect with nature. It's a meditation of sorts.

The last week of mornings have been gorgeous, there is great color in the air due to all the harvest dust and the sunrises are vibrantly alive. On this morning a low layer of thick fog softened the earth.

In the East pasture; in the fog

Allen and I keep making attempts to get fencing done but keep getting halted. Today our delay was the tractor tire; we'll need a new one. So Allen went out to swath the millet instead and my work started in the evening.

The stock dogs and I gathered the flock and walked them home. We took the girls up to the barn paddock and penned them there for the night. I took four dogs and worked all four. It was a peaceful job done with zest and satisfaction on a cool prairie night. It was almost like there was a hint of our peace filled morning still with us. I love that. 

Watching the geese flying in the colors of the sun

Tomorrow I'll move the ewes and lambs through the alleyway so I can weigh lambs to find out how we're doing and what might be ready for sale. It will be a long day for me and the dogs will see a lot of work again.

Glorious - what else is there to say