Sunday Wooly Workload

This was the workload in front of me the other day.

BJ and Cajun have just penned the flock and did a dandy job of it. Those two work well together.
I wasn’t able to get the whole flock in the photo and the first group have already filed through the bugle into the building.

I’m proud to say I got through all those sheep and weighed all the lambs (I collapsed into an easy sleep early in the evening afterward). I’m pretty pleased with the weights and the next step is tagging and to arrange for selling some lambs.

I’ll be selling a few extra than planned on it order to recoup Oakley’s vet bill. That’s okay, he’s worth it.  We culled heavily last year and just taking a quick gander at the ewes as they filed down the alleyway I don’t think I have many culls to sort out this year.

Allen’s work schedule has changed so he’s only gone three days a week now and home for four. This week we’re working on the fence and making good headway. We’ll take a day to tackle tagging lambs and it will be good to have the second pair of hands for that.