On The Easel - LGD Art in Progress

Each time I begrudge an unscheduled life that is driven by the whim of nature I seem to be handed a day with some breathing space and time for artwork. Two things I cherish. 

It’s pretty remarkable to be able to do what I wish; I just have to be flexible enough to work artwork into the gaps of the day.

This piece in progress, is of a dog named Cricket. She does guardian duty for a large kennel of Siberian Husky sled dogs up in northern Alberta, Canada. I follow the North Wapiti Blog because I love working dogs in all there facets and am intrigued by the sled dog life. I fell in love with this photo of Cricket because her expression speaks volumes of the nature of these dogs.
(Thanks to Karen for the permission to use her photo as reference).

Putting down the eye and major darks and lights

Second eye, and continuing with darks and lights

Just starting the nose...