The last company from herding camp departed this morning and afterward the dogs and I enjoyed a moment of sunshine as I contemplated this week gone by and missed the wonderful people who shared a week working dogs with us.

Unlike last week which was full of trips to the vet, prepping for this week long herding camp and a roller coaster ride of worry and angst about Oakley, the week ahead looks relatively empty, primarily because I haven’t given the week ahead much thought.

While out on the pasture looking at sheep and feeding dogs tonight it struck me how a place can be so full of animal life and yet upon the exit of a group of people an empty feeling always lingers. There is something very dualistic about prairie space and maybe about any vast space of landscape. The vastness can be peaceful, inspiring and eternal, or empty and almost ominous, depending on which voice of consciousness you bring to the scene and what you allow to sink in while you visit there. Tonight I let the feeling of missing people linger and tell me what it would.