LGD Sisters in the Fog

A couple mornings back it was real foggy and damp and I happened to think to take the camera out with me, hoping for some photos of the ewes in the fog. I got those but I also got several shots of the Sisters as they came up to greet me. 

Lily and Pippa were very playful and judging from Pippa's coat they found or created a good pile of dirt to play in earlier. 

In this photo Lily looks very much like Oakley

Pippa has definitely taken the role of boss between the two pups, and I suspect it won't be long before she rules the rest of the pack too. She's crazy and serious enough too. Since moving to pasture work their sibling fights have become minimal, almost nonexistent. It doesn't much matter to me which sister takes the role, as long as one does and the other accepts it.