As I sit down to write this blog post I wonder, ‘where did the week go’, but in truth I know exactly where it went.

Last weekend I was at the veterinarians, in the unenviable position of discussing options for saving Oakley’s life or euthanizing him. He underwent a two and half hour surgery and stayed at the clinic for the weekend to be on intensive antibiotics to help him recover from a rare case of a hidden infection gone terribly wrong. This week there was trips back and forth to the vets (a three hour round trip) to be sure Oakley was recovering well enough, and prepping for stock dog trials and sheep camp when I was at home.

Oakley needs specific care each day and is up at the house while he recovers. We have always told Oak that there is a spot on the couch for him when he retires and wouldn’t you know it, the morning after his first night in the house, we rose to find him sleeping on the couch.

I didn’t make any progress on the fence and the blog was forgotten for a few days, but a good dog is still here with us and I'm surrounded by dog loving folks who are gathering here once again, and that makes me feel very good. People began arriving on Friday for the herding trials, which took place Saturday and today. A few more people pulled in tonight and sheep camp begins tomorrow, so the place is abuzz with activity, which is a lovely distraction from the emergent interruption of last week. Now if the weather would hold...

photo taken in July