All Too Soon

One more day of working dogs and our herding camp is wrapped up for another year.

I’d like to say I enjoyed this one as much as the last, however, I think my focus was off after the set back with Oakley and having such a suddenly emotional week.

I enjoyed, appreciated (and needed) the great moments working my dogs the last three days, but otherwise I’m really just floating through the innumerable tasks and challenges that are ongoing when you host large events. As this camp comes to a close, I’m not able to make sense of my feelings about it. I was already behind the eight ball on the first day and wanting to rest, and yet the days have flown by and I’m kind of wishing I could do them over again. It was another good camp, yet as a host, just not my best camp. I have a feeling I missed a lot of highlight moments because, even though I was there, I was not able to be present for them. Living the life I do am I aware of that disconnect and it pesters me that I can’t always snap myself out of it because all too soon this camp will be another memory.

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