Summer Heat

This is about as much work as the livestock guardians feel up to on these hot days.


Lily and Pip are still hanging out on pasture with the flock and Diesel is still with the dogging sheep. I’m enjoying this easy phase because I know what may come yet. Whiskey has not deterred the pups at all, in fact I think he likes having them out there. So we answered one curiosity and know for certain that Diesel is the sole instigator of trouble with new dogs working his turf.

The ewes rise early and eat themselves to plumpness. Then they lie down for the rest of the day, peacefully passing away the hottest hours doing as little as possible. This is good for me because it means they aren’t fence crawling during the day. The only time I have to worry about them is the evening. It isn’t even possible to keep them contained at the moment as our fence is null and void with many sections under water and thus no way to keep power to it.

One bonus of this year of water is that we’re more eager to get our new perimeter fence up. We started the project and while we’re eager to just start strapping some woven wire up, there is plenty of prep work to tackle beforehand.

We unknowingly disturbed this colony of ants when we cut into this dying tree growing too close to the fence line. There were furiously tying to make amends to the upheaval we caused them.

This year water will be the biggest obstacle to building fence. We haven’t figured out how to put this woven wire across the some of these wetlands and going around some of these temporary lakes isn’t feasible.

Hopefully we’ll have a plan by the time we get the wire to the first body of water we can’t span across.