Rain, Here We Go Again

I spent the better part of the afternoon indoors waiting it out as another thunderstorm deposited heavy rainfall. I was okay with being indoors; I spent the time working on this piece, slowly getting detail into the flock.

Meanwhile, it was another significant rainfall, close to three inches. We live on the dry land prairie, and are just not sure what to make of all this rain. Regardless, I love the fresh feeling after summer rain. The very air is dripping and the greenery around here is intense.

This rainfall cut gullies in the driveway. 

And this evening, a few hours later, water is still pouring across the pasture. I'm trying to upload a very brief video but it is very painstaking. (How do people post so many videos all the time anyway?)

You can tell by the photo that the water is really moving which means there is significant volume of it flowing through here.

More fence lines are lost as the wetlands continue to rise. Sections of pasture are getting cut off.

Although we are receiving all this rain, there is no worry of flooding here because we live in hilly land and all this water does run off into potholes and wetlands. Natural blessings.

Nor are we complaining about the rain because we do live on the dry land prairie, and we get that rain may quit at anytime and not return for a very long time.