Bustling Times

All but 400 feet of the first half mile stretch of fence is laid out, ready to be tightened and stapled. One small milestone. I have the good fortune of some help this week while Lena, a visitor from Germany, is here to experience life on a farm. I’m not sure fencing is what she had in mind, but fencing is very much a part of life on a livestock farm.

Years ago, Lena's father came from Germany to work as a hired hand on my Dad's farm and they have stayed in contact since, visiting when able.

Lena and I, with the help of a couple of kelpies, also brought the ewes homes, sorted some animals, treated some sore feet and a few cases of worms. We tackled some Electranetting yesterday and in between the regular farm work Lena heads out to see the horses and I work my stock dogs. And each morning and evening we are out to see the flock and visit the guardian dogs. This weekend though, we're taking a break from farm life to join in some family celebrations at Mom and Dad's place. After some tough work fencing, we will both enjoy the party atmosphere and perhaps a cold drink or two.

Having company sheds a new light and fresh perspectives on the place and what we are doing here. Each time I explain what is happening or why, I am reminded of how much there is to share and how remarkable it is that others are interested in learning about it.

Watching sheep

Feeding the guardians