What Would You Think Of Us?

Can you see him?

Magpie’s are cool dude’s, studious looking in their own right.  They’re also a first sign of trouble. This pair was hanging out here and cawed away at my approach, rather than fly away as they would normally do.

Before spotting the Magpie’s I travelled around this bend because I could hear the laboured breathing of an animal. The birds presence assured me, my ears heard correct. Familiar with the laws of live and die, they were just waiting her out. 

She had crawled into the brush, got right into the edge of the water in fact, and laid down in the crook of branches. Her lambs had followed her and stood at her side, also waiting her out, although for a different reason.

Allen and I pulled her from the water, treated her for what we suspected, but by days end the birds got their wish. The lambs rejoined the flock and are old enough that they’re grazing and making do on grass.

In a manner as simple as that, that’s how things go sometimes. One day all your animals are alive and well and the next day, one of them isn’t. We care very deeply, we do what we can, yet we hesitate to speak or write of it because, well, what would you think of us?