Under Stated

My last blog post was an under statement. An amazing volume of rain fell from the sky last weekend. Inches and inches of rain. We’re still in awe.

The ewes stayed on the hillsides and in the native prairie scrub brush. I love this land.  

They kept their backs to the wind and driving rain.

Lady was the only dog to take to the trees. She's thoroughly soaked and shivering.

Wetlands spilled over and continue to fill as the water sorts itself out.

We're finding new routes to the places we have to get to, one blessing of being in hill and hollow land is there is almost always a way there. The situation is more dire to the South and East of us, roads are washed out and communities have declared flood emergency.

The sun was out in full force for Canada Day though and is due to stick around for awhile. We're all cheering and enjoying the bright, dry heat of it, old dogs included.