Sheep and Grass

I am on my way out to pasture, about a hundred feet from the entrance to the paddock where the ewes are. No one in sight.

Even though I’m now used to this hilly terrain it always makes my heart skip a beat when I’m this close and can’t see a single sheep in the spot where I last left them.

I travel another twenty feet - and there they are. I can understand losing fifty sheep but it's amazing that several hundred animals can be out of sight like that. Guess I think numbers equates to size.

The terrain makes for wonderful blind outruns with the stock dogs but with the crazy tall grass, the stock dogs are pretty much working blind every time out. Jayde was with me this morning and she lost contact with sheep every time she was on the ground. She’s slowed down considerably with age and aches, and showed reluctance to plow through grass at top speed on my beck and call, when she couldn’t even see sheep.