And Just Like That Wishes Become Reality

About two weeks ago I felt the familiar pang that arises from the lack of human company and activity, outside of the regular routine of life. I told myself either company has to come this way or I have to go and find it.

Well, at the start of this week things of that very nature began to happen.

On Wednesday afternoon a trucker arrived with a delivery.

Shortly after that a friend and fellow dog man from Montana, USA arrived for a short visit with a few dogs of his own in tow. Bill and I immersed ourselves in talking Kelpies, working Kelpies, and discussing the breeding of Kelpies, and in between that, catching up on each others lives since we last had a visit.  My girl BJ is from Bill’s kennel at Burradoo Ranch.

Last night in an intense downpour of (more) rain some new woolies were delivered.

Today I’m busy preparing some artwork to display and sell at our provinces annual sheep show and sale. Tomorrow I’ll be at the show and be surrounded by sheep loving folks for the day.

Sunday is drop off day for artwork being submitted to the Saskatoon Showcase of the Arts held at the cities annual exhibition fair. I’ll be off to deliver a couple pieces there.

Life was a bee hive of activity this week and admittedly all thoughts about posting to the blog melted away.  Truthfully I didn’t think much about the blog until today.  I was temporarily living in another world. I had a wonderful few days of sheep, dogs and artwork shared from an entirely fresh set of eyes. Times like these are precious to me and essential to living a good life.

Oh, the trucker’s delivery....
I’m sad and glad about this one at the same time.

22 pallet loads, each pallet containing 6 rolls of wire, 330 feet per roll. One hell of a lot of fencing to look forward to.

And the new woolies are Corriedale ewes and lambs, plus one ram. I’m starting a tidy flock of Corries for the purpose of wool production. They’re beauties and I’m already in love with them.