Spring Blush

It’s been a while since I shared some artwork. I’m still fitting in time for creative spurts as I can. Sometimes that’s very early in the mornings, either before or after walking dogs.  Often it’s mid afternoon, right after I’ve done the afternoon rounds out on pasture. If all is going smoothly I have a little bit of time before I’m out to work stock dogs or start supper. Most of the evening is taken up with lambing and flock work. After dark, if I’m not ready to call it a day and put my feet up, I might fit in time for this blog or be in the art room again.  I still wrestle with feeling guilty about doing artwork but I’m a lot more prompt about squashing those thoughts.

I haven’t picked up the coloured pencils for awhile but have been doing more needle felted wool art. Thought I’d share the finished piece. I know I shared it as a work in progress some time ago, when I was still waiting for blue wool to arrive. This piece contains also wool from my ewes, which I find immensely satisfying.

"Spring Blush"
I love the scene and that sky, but truthfully, not sure about choosing to finish the edges the way I did. It's very neat and tidy and I know someone will love it; I wonder if it would look better having the edges rough, wooly and unfinished looking though. I have some green bamboo rods that will do well for  hanging it, and will give it a nice touch. It’s another large piece, measuring 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide. It is for sale.