On the Dog Front

I haven’t quite figured out how to keep up with posting on the dogs. I could probably write a blog focused solely on them. This week I made a trip to the vets with Oakley to have some minor wounds tended to. Turned out Diesel is picking on him and maybe Whiskey too once there is action started. So Oakley has been relocated again and right now resides with the pups, Lily and Pippa.  When he’s fully recovered I’ll put him back to work with Zeus again.

Zeus tangled with a porcupine but thankfully only incurred about ten quills on his nose and muzzle. He wasn’t fond of us taking them out but we managed to.

Lady received a haircut. She and Pippa are the only two LGD’s here with long coats and Pippa’s just a pup, so her coat will be self managed for awhile. When Lady whelped her only litter of pups, a couple years ago, she had a really bad time of it and landed in the vets in order to save her life. Health wise she never fully bounced back from that and her lackluster coat is one of the indicators.

I’ve been working stock dogs regularly and Mic and I securely planted two feet in Allen’s bad books. Her for biting a chunk out of the Ranger seat, me for tying her up on the Ranger while I worked other dogs. 

Mic goes a little crazy when she sees other dogs working. Mic goes a little crazy over a lot of things. She’s a bit of a wild card and presents a whole new level of stock dog work.

Today was quite uneventful, dog wise, with credit to the full day of wind and rain. I’ve been stewing all day long over the lambs and how they’re faring. I made the flock move this AM to put them on a paddock with better shelter. The ewes never settled though, they traveled back and forth and in and out. I’m very curious over what that is about. Just when you think they should, and need to, find shelter, they don’t do it, and cramming them into a building for a long day of rain would be far, far worse for them.

The rain is supposed to be with us for the week, so tomorrow I’ll do another move and set them on a paddock that was not in my original rotation. It’s one of the paddocks where the rams hang out, and it’s a lovely paddock with plentiful bush areas for a lot of ewes and lambs to shelter in. The downfall is that the craftier ewes know they can cross the cross fence there and will likely wander to the next hay field. Ah, such is the life of sheep and shepherd.