Hello Boys

The rams were particularly curious to see me today and since I was without a stock dog they even approached the Ranger. I think they were looking for salt and mineral, both of which have been absent due to all the rain. I don’t have an extra covered mineral tub and while the salt is fine if it gets wet, the minerals are wasted.

I’ve been taking BJ and Gibson out with me to check on the rams and to let them work a different group of sheep other than the schooling sheep. The rams are really light on their feet so the dogs have to learn how to work that out. It’s also good for the rams because we don’t do much with the rams throughout the summer other than check on them. They’re a small group so they stay in one paddock longer and only move when we need to keep them ahead and separate from the ewes. When they seldom see stock dogs, they get pretty flighty, then when we do move them it’s all the dogs can do not to lose them. So working the rams regularly is teaching them not do a panicked flee at the sight of a dog.

Further South of the rams, the ewes were spread out on one of my favourite Native Prairie hillsides. The ewes do not graze the Native Prairie as much as they prefer to graze the tame grasses due to the alfalfa that’s present there. At certain times of the summer though, they take a real liking to the native grasses and seeing them graze or bed there is one of my favourite scenes. I can’t capture the entire spread in one photo so we'll have to settle for joining two photos together. You can click to big-ify.