Wooly Optimism

I didn’t get the ewes back to the start of the grazing rotation prior to the first lambs arriving. A set of twins arrived yesterday and four more lambs today. A feeling of optimism comes over me when lambing begins with sets of twins (born to first time lambers too) and I relish in it.

I did get my wish of rain, although it came on Monday, the day of the AHBA herding trial which followed our weekend clinic. After a day of cold rain the sun shone strong and warm, encouraging the grass to grow and driving the girls to seek the shade.

We pulled off another successful clinic; the bulk of the credit for that going to our great clinicians Dave and Trudy Viklund and the participants. People either make or break events, and blessedly the people we attract here continue to make them ones to remember. Like all good parties, it was a treasure to be a part of it and it was sad to see it come to an end.

Once all the company pulls out and heads back to their regular lives I always feel a stagnant emptiness lingering about the place. This year it was staved off by a) kicking right into lambing and b) preparing for an art studio tour. The former will be ongoing for at least the next month, the latter takes place this weekend. I feel nervous optimism for this as well.