Weather Acceptance

We are gearing up for a small clinic tomorrow and then Sunday we’ll be vaccinating ewes. I’m in awe that we’re a couple weeks away from lambing and there is no grass for the ewes yet. That hurts in a lot of ways.

It’s a hit to the ewes nutritionally. Typically by now they would have been grazing grass long enough to gain a good deal of fresh spring shoots prior to lambing. So far all they’re getting is tiny little sprigs trying in earnest to grow.

We have been feeding hay since November 20. That’s just shy of half a year and about a month longer than normal. Aside from me being thoroughly tired of feeding hay, that hurts the farms bottom line a good deal. I did not wish to let animals go last fall but now I’m sure glad of the choice to do so.

The green is on its way, I know that, and it won’t get here any faster no matter how impatient I feel for it. The weather is an aspect of farming, and I seldom complain about it because I accept that. I just feel like maybe there is something I could do to urge the grass along or to make Mother N take heart.

Maybe after this Mother's Day weekend the place will be showcasing it's green glory once again.