Sheep, Grass and Dogs All Around

The trees are still unfolding their leaves, but the grass is taking off now. Over the last three days the landscape turned a brilliant green that makes me imagine stone fences and England, complete with sheep grazing the hills.

With lambing underway my days are largely consumed being outdoors in the company of sheep. I’m still moving the ewes to fresh grass each day and doing drift lambing again. I brought Oakley and Zeus over to look after the lambed out group, which at the start of lambing is the smallest group. Oakley is willing to stay there but it’s the first time I’ve moved Zeus to a different group of sheep and so far he isn’t convinced it’s a good choice. He returns to his group before morning.

Today I stepped away from sheep and dogs and grass to spend the day at a local art show displaying artwork of sheep and dogs and grass. Then came home to an evening of moving sheep to new grass and juggling dogs. :-) I live a great life, with a great man who helps make it all possible.