On The Easel

Some of the artwork I’ve been cramming in.

This is the piece that was on hold while I waited for blue wool to arrive. It's still a work in progress, however, now the end is near.

Needle Felting - In progress

I made some good strides on it last week. Unlike pencil, paints and pastels, when you purchase dyed wool you don’t often get the same colour shade twice. The blue that arrived was lighter than the blue I started with so I ended up redoing the whole sky, but I’m happier with this version.

This piece is hanging in wait once again while I work on making some detailed grass for the foreground. This is an exciting piece to tackle because of it’s size and oddly enough I am excited about the shape of it. I love how tall it is. It’s about three feet high by two feet wide. When finished, the 'canvas' will be trimmed and I think I'll hang it freely from a rod (without a frame) but I have to figure that out yet.

Meanwhile I completed another piece, which I'll share in another post, and started the next one... I am cramming.

Needle Felting - Just started