Getting This Party Started

Here we go again; we’re getting this party started.

Folks are pulling in this evening for a weekend stock dog clinic. It amazes me that people come out to this little middle of nowhere sheep farm to work dogs. I’m going to enjoy the weekend, rain or no rain although I’m wishing for the first scenario.

Notice the hedge in the foreground, and the trees... no leaves yet. The grass is coming though. I’ve been moving the ewes to a new paddock every day. The paddocks are larger in size as I don’t have any netting up to subdivide them yet. They stay long enough to browse around and the next day we’re off to a new piece. Each new piece has more grass. I’ve passed through six paddocks and I have four more paddocks to pass through for the first time, then I’ll be back to where I started. By then, especially if it rains and sun heats us up, that grass will have regrown quickly and we’ll keep going.

We’ll be into lambing very shortly and while I can’t manage for every scenario I’m hopeful that this might also put the ewes near to the yard at the start of lambing which is a bit more convenient for me.

Meanwhile the dogs and I have been moving the dogging sheep that we need for this clinic to where ever we can find the grass. On this day it was the front yard and then into the dog yard for the afternoon. The stock dogs were a bit perplexed and excited by that set up.