What Are LGD Puppies up to All Day Long?

They play, they catch lovely scents in the air, and they still sleep for long periods. 

In the morning they take walks around the sheep paddock with me, weaving in amongst the steer, the llama and the rams. They interact with Oakley and Zeus. Then it’s back to their own paddock and their own small band of older lambs that they hang out with. They get breakfast and then I leave them alone. I slip back out at noon to note where they are and feed them lunch. They explore and play some more.

I go back out again in the evening. We might do another walk around then. They might mingle with the stock dogs. Then I tuck puppies and sheep up indoors so they sleep near each other.

The pups can still slip through almost every fence, including the woven wire and sheep panel fencing. But if I set them with the sheep and leave out the reinforced front gate, they haven’t figured out to go around and get out the back fence. So they stay put, which works well for both of us.  I won’t hot wire the paddocks until the pups are a bit older... well, actually my reason is far more selfish, I don’t want to do it until it’s a bit nicer out.  :-)

Pippa scents the air, animals are downhill to the left