Trying My Hand At Shearing

This is me trying my hand at shearing sheep.

Photo courtesy Liezel Hattingh
I managed to do five ewes while we were in the home stretch of our shearing day. Like so many new experiences there is much more to this than meets the eye. Holding properly without a having a death grip on the ewe, repositioning as you shear, long reaches to get every where needed, how wiggly sheep can be, being mindful that the clippers in your hand can lay a ewe open or take a fingertip off.

I’m a slight person and I always wondered if shearing would be doable, most mature ewes weigh 1.5 x what I do.  Doing five ewes is a satisfying accomplishment. My legs and shoulders are still sore, but my back is not sore at all.

My fleeces sure didn't come off in one piece and shearing may not be my next career choice yet it is very rewarding to have experienced one more facet of sheep and wool.