Tangible Measurements of the Arrival of Spring

Morning walks now take place before breakfast because it’s decent outside even early in the morning.

I can detour off the grid road during my walk. I visit pastures I have not been to all winter.

Instead of full days for artwork, the days are now full, and I fit in time for artwork.

It is muddy everywhere - in a good way. The melt water is flowing. White guardian dog puppies are thoroughly muddy.

We now have trouble getting around on the fields with the tractor due to ground thawing and wet conditions.

There are small slivers in my hand from working without mitts.

Evening chores now take longer as the ewes are spreading further in hopes of finding grass instead of hay. Cajun is joining me again for evening flock work.

On a trip to town this past week I didn’t bother to pack the winter clothes in the car.

The Sorrel boots have been replaced by Muck Boots.

I’m working stock dogs each day again; getting sheep ready for a stock dog clinic in May.

The house has a faint, wet dog and manure odour, tracked in from throughly dirty and thoroughly happy stock dogs who now stay outside all day but I wimp and let them inside in the evening since their dog houses are still buried in snow.

We are preparing for shearing the ewes - April 22 if you’re interested in joining us. We’d love to have you.